Traditional Meals

Tourists get to indulge in a traditional meal, showcasing how to dine, and sipping sorghum beer amongst the ancestors in a hut. In so doing, they get to embrace the social customs and traditions of our forbearers, as our people have done for generations.

Cultural Sip and Dine - A traditional dining experience
Rondavel room is differentiated into a two-gender section - men on the right and women on the left. Men are seated on a bench and women on the grass mats (chairs are available on request). This is part of Zulu culture, whereby men sit facing the east and women sit in the opposite direction facing the men.
A praise singer welcomes the guests at the gate
Welcome/introduction by the man of the house
Entertainment (township vibe)
Supper in traditional Zulu style on wooden trays - i.e. steam bread, ujeqe, samp and beans / isitambu, ox tribe / inyama yangaphakathi, pot roast beef / inyama yezithebe, imifino, sweet potatoes / ubhatata, yams / amadumbe.
Drinks are served on a clay pot - amahewu, sorghum beer / utshwala besizulu (juice available)
Entertainment - Zulu dancing. (The guests may participate if they are willing.)
Closure - vote of thanks by ZMTE member
Praise singer and departure


Our visitors comment:

We enjoyed the tour very much. We learned very very much from your country. The guide was excellent. He showed us everything. The children dance very nice. The meals were excellent we will tell of you to our friends in Holland

Thank you very much.




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