Core Organizational Values

  • "Being committed to and honouring long term quality relationships with our clients and stakeholders"
  • "Being people of integrity and acting in a manner that is trustworthy, respectful, open and honest in all our dealings"
  • "Taking pride in who we are and what we do by maintaining the dignity of our heritage, history, values, traditions, strengths and culture"
  • "Being sustainable and creating value and wealth for our clients and our stakeholders"
  • "Being Clear & Consistent in our Communication to all stakeholders"
  • "Being generous and giving, supportive and nurturing of each other and our clients"


"The vision of ZMTE is to be the best locally and internationally recognized, sustainable and growing, independent cultural tourism organisation providing top-class branded Township and Zulu Cultural experiences from value-based partnerships with all our stakeholders, including current members, prospective members as well as other tourism organisations, government structures and the community we serve. Ultimately ZMTE's success is measured by the success of the community we serve."


ZMTE exists to demonstrate community tourism excellence to all local and foreign tourists and visitors. From traditional healers to township bed and breakfast home-stays, from traditional food to story tellers, from skilled tour guides to artistic beadwork, from the natural beauty of our area to the beautifully and artistically crafted works by providing unique quality, traditional and township cultural products, services and experiences of leather, clay, cloth and wood. ZMTE is working hand in hand with our various partners and tourism community stakeholders to ensure that the relevant knowledge and business skills are developed and encouraged in our members in order to assure the long term sustainability of our members and community. In all our endeavours we are proud to strongly support the preservation of the unique culture, heritage, history and ecosystems of the Mpophomeni community and its surrounding area.



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