Zulu Mpophomeni Tourisim Experience is a community-based tourism organisation. We started formally in 2000 in the interests of the Mpophomeni Township 14 km from Howick and with a population of 45 000 people. ZMTE is an award-winning, non-profit organisation drawing its member from broad segements of the Mpophomeni township and surrounding areas, catering to an ever-growing number of local and international tourists. It offers visitors the perfect opportunity to experience authentic Zulu culture and explore unspoilt township life. The simple vision of ZMTE is to be the best locally and internationally recognised sustainable and growing independent cultural tourism organisation. They aim to provide top class branded township and Zulu cultural experiences from value-based partnerships with all of their stakeholders. Ultimately, however the success of ZMTE is measured by the success of the community it serves. Members include a variety of female-owned and managed crafts co-operatives, privately-owned B&B operators and involves youth, traditional leadership structures, story tellers, traditional healers, crafters, artists and guides.





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